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Dog Food Recipes: Cool Treats for Warm Weather

Who doesn't relish some light, cool snacks during the summers? We actually breathe ice-creams, don't we? But you cannot expect your pets to enjoy the same things, as they are not suitable for it. Their body system is way too different than ours. As simple as that.

Must SeeHomemade Dog Food Recipes

Dog Food Recipes: Cool Treats for Warm Weather

But don't worry! There are some eff-ing amazing treats that you can offer your pooch in Summers, and they are-

* Fruit ICE!

They are something to die for. Grab one and simply place them in the garden space. I bet if your pet doesn't lick you back for this treat.

* Ginger Balls

This is a healthy snack yet something which remains light on the stomach. Check out the recipe here.

* Frozen Meat Pieces

Take out an ice-tray, and lay out the meat pieces in the form of balls. Freeze them, and serve them like an icy treat.

* Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut Butter is a good food choice for the canines, and they can be added with almost any snack. You can make the peanut butter biscuits. Cookies will be a new thing, and to make it cuter you can make a dog-shaped cookie for them.


So, these are a few of my personal favorites when it comes summer treats for dogs. They are easy to make, and even pocket-friendly choices.