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Dog food is not something that you decide, instead, it should be something that your pet likes. But, not all the delicious dog foods are suitable for them. Get in touch with the vet, and bring on some solution regarding the food that is to be served to your pup.

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Types of Dog Food

There are different varieties of Dog Food, that you can serve them up. They are Raw, Moist, Dry Food, Canned, and finally my favorite of all, Home-made food. Let's check them out one by one.

1) Raw

In this type of Dog Food, you get raw meat with bones mixed in it. Nothing is cooked in this, everything is raw. There are brands which provide frozen raw food in a packed form. It works well with all kinds of dogs since the raw food is easier on the digestion part. Before you actually try out this meal for your dog, consult the vet beforehand.

2) Dry

Kibble or the Dry Food, as they say, is found to be the most commonly used dog food variety. No need to refrigerate the dry food and they stay in for a long time. Also, it maintains the health of the teeth as chewing dry crunchy food helps in fighting against the tartar buildup.

3) Moist Dog Food

Here, you could consider both the moist as well as the semi-moist dog food options. Not recommended from my side, as they are the least on the nutrition level and make use of any artificial coloring and flavoring to the food.

4) Canned Foods

These are the ones which are easily available in markets, and dogs love this a lot. It could get a bit expensive depending on the contents provided in it. Coming to the nutritional value, canned foods have got a high amount of water which automatically reduces the nutrition.

About 75% of the dog food is covered with water in it. If you still want to go with the canned food, look out for something which has high nutritional content and less water.

5) Home-made

Final dog food option, which remains the all-time classic is none other than Home-made food. But you should know the right way of preparing it, understanding the nutritional requirements and balancing it perfectly.

Not all dogs are suitable with a particular food, so if you are unsure about something it is better to seek out the vet's suggestion on that. Keep them happy, and watch out what they are eating!